How to Enroll

Thank you for your interest in the Lighthouse for Children Child Development Center.  Our full-inclusion program is open to children and families regardless of income level or developmental need.

If you are interested in enrolling your child(ren), please complete the Enrollment Form and send via email to bdaniel@fcoe.org or deliver it in person to 2405 Tulare Street, Suite 100.

Click to download the Enrollment Form


Preliminary Application Procedure

The FCSS Lighthouse for Children Child Development Center (CDC) preliminary application process is as follows:

  1. Families in need of child care services must first complete a preliminary application and submit verification of income.
  2. Once the preliminary application (including verification of income) is received, the Lighthouse for Children CDC staff person writes the date on the application received.
  3. If the preliminary application is complete and is not missing information, the preliminary application is placed on a wait list; if the preliminary application is not complete, a letter will be sent to parent/guardian requesting missing information.
  4. Preliminary Applications on the waitlist will be ranked by family size, income, and date the preliminary application was received to the Lighthouse for Children CDC.
  5. Those families who are currently receiving services (i.e., have a child already enrolled in the CDC) will be given priority on the waiting list.
  6. Being on the wait list is not a guarantee of services.
  7. Families will be notified in writing of their Preliminary application status.
  8. If the family disagrees with the calculated income and family size stated on the letter, they can submit a written appeal request within 5 working days to reassess their preliminary application.
  9. Once funds/resources become available the family’s information is pulled from the wait list according to the ranking.
  10. The family is contacted and selected for admission.
  11. The preliminary application is then reviewed and recent income verification is requested to determine eligibility for services.
  12. Once the family is offered admission and they agree with tuition fees (as per funding source) the enrollment application process begins.
  13. The family must then submit an enrollment application along with the supporting documents.
  14. The family will then be advised to schedule an appointment with a FCSS Lighthouse for Children CDC staff member for an orientation to review the enrollment application and supporting documents.
  15. During the orientation, the family will schedule two dates to phase in their child into the classroom (minimum of 1 hour).
  16. Waitlisted preliminary applications could be verified at least twice per year to ensure eligibility.