How to Enroll

We appreciate your interest in enrolling your child/ren at the Lighthouse for Children Child Development Center.  Our full-inclusion program is open to children and families regardless of income level or developmental need.

If you are interested in enrolling your child/ren, please click on the link: LFC CDC Waiting List Application link. The electronic application will allow you to update your family information as needed.

If you need assistance, please call (559) 443 -4832.

Waiting List Application Procedure

The Lighthouse for Children Child Development Center (LFC CDC), operated by the Office of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools, waiting list application process is as follows:

  1. Families in need of childcare services must first complete a waiting list application. When a space becomes available for your child/ren, we will contact you to request additional information.
  2. After you submit a waiting list application, an authorized FCSS staff person may contact you if any information is missing or additional information is requested. Incomplete applications will not be placed on our waitlist.
  3. Families are responsible for updating their electronic applications using the “Parent Portal” created when their waiting list application was submitted to ensure the information reported remains up to date.

Note: Being on the waiting list does not guarantee enrollment.


Additional Waiting List Application Information

  1. Families that apply for State Subsidized Child Care or Preschool (CCTR/CSPP) services will be ranked based on their family size and income using a Ranking Schedule provided by the California Department of Education (CDE) or the Child Care and Development Division (CCDD).
  2. Families placed on the waitlist for Full Tuition or a First 5 Fresno County Partial Scholarship (F5FCS) will be placed on the waitlist by the date the completed application is received. However, parents working downtown within the designated boundaries will receive priority enrollment.
  3. Families with children enrolled at the LFC CDC have priority sibling enrollment when enrolling in the Full Tuition or F5FCS program.



  1. When space becomes available for a child seeking state-subsidized child care (CCTR) or preschool (CSPP), families are pulled from the waiting list according to Admission Priorities determined by CDE/CCDD or the income ranking based on income and family size. When a space becomes available for Full Tuition or F5FCS, families are pulled from the waiting list based on application submission.
  2. The family is contacted and notified of a possible space available for each applicable child. At this time, the LFC CDC program staff will review the information on the waiting list application and request any information required to determine eligibility for services (zip code, income, need for childcare services, etc.).
  3. After the family is offered a childcare spot and they agree with the initial tuition fees (per funding source), the enrollment process continues, and an enrollment application is provided with a list of documents that may be required.
  4. The family must submit the provided enrollment application packet and any requested supporting documents within two weeks of being offered a childcare spot. The childcare spot will be forfeited, and the family will be removed from our waiting list if requested documents are not received within two weeks,
  5. When the family completes the enrollment application packet and has all requested documents ready for review, the family must call the LFC CDC Office Assistant at (559) 443 – 4832 to schedule an orientation which includes reviewing requested documents and program requirements.
  6. During the orientation, the family is required to schedule two phase-in dates. In the first phase, the parent/guardian will bring their child with them to visit the child’s classroom for a minimum of 1 hour. During the second phase-in date, the parent/guardian will meet with the child’s teacher for a classroom orientation for up to 45 minutes to learn more about classroom expectations, complete infant/toddler forms – if applicable, review the daily classroom schedule, engage in the family interview, Q&A, etc.